Eyes Catcher Out Of Africa


(Rijstone Aussie Rules x Victoria Falls Out Of Africa)

Lolita with her first litter of puppies 2013 Lolita with her first litter of puppies 2013

DOB: 2009-07-22

Reg.nr: S67435/2009

Height: 64 cm

Weight: 35 kg


ED: 0/0

Teeth: Correct sissorbite, full dentation.

Mentality test: Yes!
EOAD. High Confidence Clear
DM: N/N, not carrier.
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: Not carrier**

Breeder: Christian Jouanchicot,
Kennel Out of Africa

*Crufts qualified 2011
*CAC in Norway
*Best Gait in Specialty Show.

** Result of test not 100% reliable. When the test is commercial availbel we will re-test her.

Who is Lolita?

Photo by Jenny Jurnelius Photo by Jenny Jurnelius

"Lolita" comes from the french kennel "Out of Africa". Our "Navy" is her father and it was after meeting a couple of Navys offspring that we decided to see if there was a puppy left for us. As always we got started in the last minute and the breeder only had one puppy bitch left...Lolita.

We meet Lolitas mother "Shana" at the French RR Specialty show in 2005. She is a elegant, light bitch with balanced angulation and a head a lot like Navys.

Lolita has 8 brothers and sisters. All with correct ridges, no excessive white and no sinus. The boys all have their testicles descended.

Now as a meature lady  Lolita is a very typical RR! She will great you, but in her way. If you try to approach in any other way she will be affended and go away. She plays a lot with us, her daughter Belle and the rest of the gang. Her father Navy gets his share of tenderness since she seeks him up when she wants to sleep. Also she attends to keeping his ears clean.

Lolitas puppies

Three litter has Lolita produced;
The Hidden Treasures 2013 -Read more here
A Touch of Grace in 2015 - Read more here.
Save The Last Dance in 2016 - Read more here

She is a wounderful brood bitch that is 100% trustworthy when it comes to dealing with her puppies and all things around that.

Photos of Lolita

Lolita krans_03 Lolita krans_02 Lolita krans_01 Lolita head_01 13 okt 2013 Lolita head april 2016 Lolita head 8 sept_01 Lolita fri stack april 2016 Lolita feb 2016 stå Lolita stack_04 Lolita stack okt 2013_02 Lolita stack april 2014_02 Lolita stack april 2014 Lollan under fäll_06 Lollan under fäll_02 Lolitaonicamars2010_fix_01 Lolitacrazyears Lolita ut med tungan_01 Navy & Lolita på altan_01 Lolita som Madonna Lolita och valp_08 Lolita och valp_05 Lolita och valp_03 Lolita och valp_02 Lolita och valp_0 Lolitaiskogen_06 Lolita på altan_02 Lolita på altan _04 Lolita head_01 Lolita head_01 sept 2011 Lolita head_01 28 april Lolita head shot juli 2011_1 Lolita head sept 2013_03 Lolita head jan 2014_01 Lolita head feb 2012_01 LolitastackedRåå_02 Lolita_head_sept 2010_03 Lolita_head_sept 2010_01 Lolitaheadshot_01 Lolita head juli 2010_08 Lolita head juli 2010_02 Lolita head juli 2010_01 Lolitastacked_9months_02 Lolitahead_april10_05 Lolitahead_april10_01 Lolitainsnow-mars-2010_fix_01 Lolitahead mars 2010_fix_02 Lolitahead mars 2010_fix_01 Lolitainsnow-mars-2010_fix_01 Lolitastacked28nov2009_06 Lolitastacked9nov2009_02 Lolitastacked3months_01 Lolita stacked 5,5 mån_01 Lolita27okt2009_04 LolitaheadNov2009_02 LolitaheadNov2009_01 Lolitaheadjulen2009_02jpg Lolitaheadjulen2009_01 Lolitahead9nov2009_02 LolitaLiggNov2009_01-H

MH - Mentality "test"