SE W-14 C.i.b fi LT SE NO UCH
RidgeRules Show´n Tell


(World Winner 2013 world winner 2014 European Winner 2012
Multi Ch. Faira Arif Kamilifu
Multi Ch Vice WW-11
African Bravehearts Fourever Yours)

D.O.B 2012.10.01

Reg No: SE58682/2012

Height: 65 cm

Weight: 38 kg

ED: 0/0

Dental status: Correct bite, all teeth present.
EOAD: High confidence clear
DM: N/N, not carrier.
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: Carrier**
BPH: Yes.

*Internationell champ - C.I.B
*Swedish, Finnish & Norwegian champion.
*BOB and BOG placement.
*BOS & CAC at Norwegian National Specialty Show 2014.
*BOB Swedish Winners Show 2014
*No 2 Top Winning RR Bitch 2014! (No 3 overall)

** Needs to be retested when test is commercial availble.

Update jan 2018
Due to conflicts between Esther & her sis Hera we had to make the tough desicion to find her a new home.
She is now living in ängelholm with Jan & Bodil at Kennel Lionridges and having the best life!

"Esther" RidgeRules show´n tell
No 2 Top Winning RR Bitch in Sweden 2014!

Time sure flies! "Esther" is already a champion and I am so proud that she has placed as No 2 and No 3 overall at Swedens Top Winning RR list for bitches! Only beaten by sis "Hera!

Who is Esther?

"Esther" is from our first litter born in october 2012. Her mom was our sweet "Nike" whom sadly passed away early spring 2013 due to malignt lymphoma situated in the lympatic nodes.
Her dad is "Arif" - a rocksteady ridgeback living in Moscow, Russia. For the mating Arif came to Stockholm so we all had a super time getting to know him more than I did when visiting him in Moscow over the weekend.

Esther loves cuddles and gladly sleeps on uncle Navys back since she was a puppy.
But she also has a lot of things going opening doors both going in and out and running like a nutter in the woods.

It is a delight to have her in our family and we so hope she will keep developing the way she does and stay crazy and curious.

Photos of Esther

Esther stack JJ_05 Esther stack JJ_03 Esther stack JJ_02 Esther stack JJ_01 Esther närbild JJ_02 Esther närbild JJ_01 Esther Head JJ_03 Esther Head JJ_02 Esther Head JJ_01 Esther stack_01 Nat. Västerås 2014 (43) BIR-BIM_01 Nat. Västerås 2014 (62) Esther stå jan 2014_03 Esther Solvalla head 2013_01 Esther head june 2013_01 Esther head feb 2014_07 Esther head feb 2014_04 Esther head feb 2014_01 Esther head 5 months_02 Esther 8 juni Esther 6 months head_01 Esther stack june 2013_01 Esther stack feb 2014_01 Esther stack 13 months_01 Esther stack 5 months_05 Esther stack 5 months_01 Esther Solvalla 2013 stack_01 Esther BIR Strängnäs 2014_01 Esther Almare 2013 stack_01 Esther 20130216 stack_01 Esther 5 weeks stack Miss Yellow stack +5 weeks_01 Miss Yellow head +5weeks_01 Esther +12 weeks stack_02 Esther +12 weeks stack_01 Esther +12 weeks head_02 Esther +12 weeks head_01 Esther stack 11 weeks_02 Esther stack 11 weeks_01 Esther head 11 weeks_02 Miss Yellow stack +7 weeks_01 Miss Yellow sit +7 weeks_01 Miss Yellow head +7 weeks_01 Miss Yellow stack +6 weeks_01 Miss Yellow head +6 weeks_01 Miss Yellow stack +4 weeks_02 Miss Yellow stack +4 weeks_01 Miss Yellow head +4 weeks_01 Miss Yellow-Stack-3+weeks_01 Miss Yellow-Head-3+weeks_01 Miss Yellow V.1_02 Miss Yellow V.1_01 Gul