(Prästens LeRoy Light Of Argos x Eyes Catcher Out Of Africa)

Height: Approx 65 cm
Weight: Approx 34 kg

ED: 0
BPH: Yes.

Correct bite, all teeth present.
EOAD: High conficence clear.

"Molly" lives with the Nettelblad family in Åkersberga together with two 2-legged sibblings as well as a "uncle" - a 6-year old RR male.

She is no more on breeders terms since she had surgery to remove 2 DS/LTF´s.

Photos of Molly

Molly stack 4 maj 2014_03 Molly stack 4 maj 2014_01 Molly head 4 maj 2014_03 Molly head 4 maj 2014_02 Molly stack juli 2014_02 Molly stack juli 2014_01 Molly ridge_01 Molly head juli 2014_03 Molly head juli 2014_02 Molly head juli 2014_01 Molly & Maria juli 2014_02 Molly & Maria juli 2014_01 Molly stack feb 2014_01 Molly head feb 2014_01 Molly head dec 2013_02 Molly dec 26 dec 2013_01 Miss Orange stack 4 weeks_01 Miss Orange stack 3 weeks_02 Miss Orange head 4 weeks_01 Miss Orange head 3 weeks_02 Miss Orange +4 weeks ute_01 Miss Orange ute day2_01 Miss Orange 2 weeks head_01 Miss Orange day5 headshot_02 Miss Orange day 5_01 Miss Orange day 5 headshot_01