Ridgerules statistiqs

Name  M/F   HD/ED  Tests Other Merits
Tell It To The Sky 2013
RidgeRules Tell Hera You Love Her F A/0 EOAD Clear
JME Clear
Show Ch
RR Show´n Tell F A/0 EOAD Clear
JME Carrier*
Spondylos Show Ch
RR Dixie Chick Storyteller F A/0 Allergic Show Ch
RR Tell´s Sky´s The Limit M A/0 DM N/N
JME carrier
RR Brave Enough To Tell M A/0 JME carrier Show Ch
RR Tell It To The Sky M A/0 Obediance Ch
RR Tell The Tale F A/1/0
 DM clear, Hemophilia B clear
2 litters at Kennel Fikisha. Show Champ
Hidden Treasures 2013
RR Ifa My Treasure M B/0 EOAD Carrier, DM N/N
JME not carrier
Show & tracking Ch
RR Hidden Treasure M A/0 EOAD Carrier
RR Treasured La Belle F A/0 EOAD Clear
JME Not carrier
RR Treasure Of My Heart F A/0 EOAD Clear EXC
RR Sacred Treasure F A/0 EOAD Clear DS
RR Untold Treasure F A/0 EOAD Clear CQ
RR My Treasured Malaika F
RR Let Me Treasure You F A/0 Kinked tail
RR Treasured Star F A/0
RR Treasured Aayla F A/0 Allergic K9 Nosework
RR Treasured Diamond F Slightly offset
A Touch Of Grace 2015
RR RV A Touch Of Grace F A/0 EOAD clear
RR RV Gift Of Grace M B/0
RR RV Ace My Grace M A/0 EOAD clear CAC
Humble For The Futur -2015
RR Watch Me in The Future M A/0 JME Not carrier CAC
RR Humble Tri-Star M C/0
RR Humble For The Future F B/0
RR Humble Heiress F A/0 JME Not carrier CAC
The Last Dance  2016
RR Dancing In The Moonlight M Ridgeless
RR RidgeRules Life´s A Dance M Ridgeless
RR Rhytm Is A Dancer M Ridgeless
RR Doing The Shimmy Shake M
RR It Takes Two To Tango M
RR Getting Jiggy With It M
RR Shall We Dance M Export Estland
RR You Are Tu-Tu Cute M
RR Stomp The Yard M
RR Dancing Queen F Export Finland
RR Shake A Tail Feather F Breeders Terms
RR Save The Last Dance F Breeders Terms
Step By Step 2017
RR Stepping Stone M
RR One Step Ahead M
RR Step To The Rythm M Ridgeless
RR Step It Up M
RR Step On It M
RR Every Step Of The Way F
RR STep By Step F
RR One Step Beyound F
RR Quickstep F
RR Mind Your Step F
RR Step Up To The Plate F