Ave Caesar Your Fame and Fortune


DOB: 2018-06-01
Reg.no: SE38610/2018

Height: 68 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Dental status: Correct bite and full dentation.

JME: Clear*
DM: Clear*
Hemophilia B: Clear*
Blue Dilute* Clear
*Trough parantege.

Approved apptitude test june 2019!

Winner of two CAC from junior class! 

Breeder: Willy & Elena Johansson/Kennel Ave Caesar
Breeding rights: RidgeRules & Ulrika Stiernblad

Henry lives with Ulrika, her husband Henrik, their two daughters and 4-legged family "Qira" and "Scion". 
We have high hopes for this energetic and sweet boy!
I`ve always loved his father Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep aka Royce, who is a gorgeous livernose male. Henrys mother is a russian beaty whom I came across when my friend, Veronica Thorén, was invited to judge a show in Moscow in 2016. "Sandy" was her BISS and her brother the BOS at that show. So when the chance came to be a part of a puppy from this comniation, I just couldnt resist!

More info about "Royce" HERE.
More info about the litter and "Sandy" HERE.

June 2019, Photo Ave Caesar
June 2019, Photo Ave Caesar


Ave Caesar Drive I Am Your To Keep

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