hunting prides liuwa letea asili


(Hunting Prides Amboseli Anansi x RidgeRules Untold Treasure)

DOB: 2016-01-05 NO3154/16

Height: 69 cm

Weight: 43 kg


ED: 0

Teeth & bite: Correct
Ridge test: R/R

2 CAC winner
Swedish Junior Winner 2016

Breeder: Kamilla Lysaker/Hunting Prides Kennel
Breeding rights: Kennel RidgeRules

"Keron" was born at Kennel Hunting Pride in Norway in a litter with
12 puppies. Born  05.01.16. 8 males and 4 females. One female (stillborn at birth) died after one week. One ridgeless male, two offset. No DS, no bite faults, no other faults.
His pedigree goes back to my firs RR - Rex Ventors Akeron - who Kamilla (Hunting Pride) used for her first litter back in 2004! The Amboseli - litter grew up to be 11 (12 - but one stillborn) healthy and steady indiviaduals. 
In 2013 Kamilla brought home "Tia" from our second litter and when she told me that she would try to use the last remaining Amboseli boy - "Anansi" I became verry interested. She also used a great grandson to do a dual-sire insemination.
Short after the litter was born "Anansi" passed away and the DNA tests came back stating that he was the father off all 11 puppies. I went for a visit and "Keron" was the one that caught my eye as well as found my lap to sit in :)

I am so glad to bring back a puppy that I hope will show tha same qualities as his grandfather toghether with his mum, grand mother and great grandfather (Rijstone Aussie Rules) loving and supporting behaviour.

Thank you Kamilla for doing this combination and choosing Akeron all those years ago!

Pedigree "Keron"


Hunting Prides Amboseli Anansi

Rex Ventors Akeron

Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak

Bearstar Diamond Willow

Hasselsnårets Norma Jean Baker

Lövfällans Harrasch

Oppigårdens Rosiga Raisa

RidegRules Untold Treasure

Prästens LeRoy Light Of Argos

Dea Decoras Argos

Djungelkattens Windflower to Priest

Eyes Catcher Out Of Africa

Rijstone Aussie Rules

Victoria Falls Out Of Africa