Kisangani "E" - litter

Rijstone Aussie Rules x Kisangani African Red Ruby

Photo Karin van Klaveren

Kisangani African Red Ruby

Born: 2006-04-28

Litter data: 11 pups, 7+4

Faults: 2 ridgefaults No DS, ridgeless, bite faults or kinked tails.

Pedigree: Bottom of page.


Kisangani Enjenje N'tombi "Peppa"

Photo Karin van Klaveren Photo Karin van Klaveren


HD: A2

ED: 0/0

OCD: Free

Dilute status: DD

Height: -

Weight: -

MH: -

Merits: Deutscher Champion VDH & several BOB.

Webbsite: Kennel Kisangani

"Peppa" is the mother of Kisanganis F & G litter. More info at Kisangani webbsite.

Kisangani Eros Santos

Kisangani Ezamoyo

Kisangani Ehombo Sango

Photo Karin van Klaveren Photo Karin van Klaveren


HD: A1

ED: 0/0

OCD: Free

Height: 67,5 cm

Weight: 40 kg

MH: -

Merits: Used in hunting and has several placements in shows and CAC´s

Webbsite: Sango

Kisangani Excellent Lucy

Kisangani Easterman

Kisangani Emotion in Red

Kisangani Etosha

Kisangani Efendi Jamali

Kisangani Easy Mover

Kisangani Eyecatcher