Vice World Winner 2011

African Braveheart´s Fourever Yours

Veldtkammer Get Ofa My Cloud
Shona the African Spirit of Ishtar

Reg.No: S55988/2006

2006-07-25 - 2013-04-05

Height: 66 cm

Weight: 39kg


ED: 1/1 (SKK), 0/0 (VDH)


Mats & Caroline Graflund

Kennel African Braveheart


  • Vice World Winner 2011
  • C.I.B
  • Norduch, DKuch, FIuch, SEuch, Nuch
  • BOS Danish Winner 2009 in Herning
  • BOB & BIG R "Stora Stockholm" Int. Show 2009
  • BOB & BIG Int. Show Sofiero 2009
  • 2nd Most Winning RR Bitch in Sweden 2008 & 2009 & 2010!
  • French CAC winner
  • BOB at specialty shows in Sweden and Denmark

Whos was Nike?

Nike was not supposed to come to us but when breeders Caroline & Mats called us to say that they did not have a family for her, we asked to have her. So she came to us and things has not been the same since...


Nike was a very strong bitch with loads of attitude and a original way to sit and look at what is going on around her. She tries to please and is a joy to train with a clicker.

Nikes puppies

Photo Maria Lundström Photo Maria Lundström

Spring/summer 2010 Nike had her first litter ar her breeder; The Litter of the Gods at kennel African Bravehert. The father of the litter where Elenageni Bravehert Rules and 10 puppies where born!

More info can be found at our site HERE or at African Bravehearts webbsite HERE


October 2012 Nikes second litter was born; Tell It To The Sky - Litter. More info HERE

Nikes litters has a excellent track record when it comes to x-ray results!
From a total of 17 puppies 16 has been x-rayed;
16 HD A
15 ED 0
1 ED 1