BISS-18 C.I.B FINW-17 HeW-17 SW-15 DKJV-13
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(World Winner 2013 world winner 2014 European Winner 2012
Multi Ch. Faira Arif Kamilifu
Multi Ch Vice WW-11
African Bravehearts Fourever Yours)

D.O.B 2012.10.01

ED: 0/0

Height: Approx 65 cm
Weight: Approx 37 kg

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: Not carrier**
EOAD: High Confidence Not Carrier

Correct bite.
BPH: Yes.
(BPH=Behavioral/personality "test")


  • BISS 2018 - BOB/Best In Speciality Show 2018!
  • WINNER of Top Winning RR Bitch in Sweden! Overall No 2 2014!
  • No 2 Top Winning Bitch, no 2 overall in Sweden 2015!
  • No 3 Top Winning Bitch 2016
  • No 2 Top Winning Bitch 2017
  • BOB at Swedish Winners Show 2015
  • CAC Winner at World Winners Dog Show 2014
  • Approved appitude test.
  • Best Head in Speciality Show
  • 3rd Best Bitch at Swedish National Specialty Show 2014.
** Retested Laboklin nov 2017.

Who is HEra?

"Hera" is from our first litter born in october 2012. Her mom was our sweet "Nike" whom sadly passed away early spring 2013 due to malignt lymphoma situated in the lympatic nodes. Hera´s dad is "Arif" - a rocksteady ridgeback living in Moscow, Russiia. For the mating Arif came to Stockholm so we all had a super time getting to know him more than I did when visiting him in Moscow over the weekend.

"Hera" has inherited so much from her mum! Behavior as well as looks! She is almost a copy wich is a bit scary almost. Loves cuddles and sleeping on her back is favourite position in bed and on couch. BUT she as lot of other thing going on.... like opening doors both going in and out, hunting in the forrest and picking up thing to carry around.

It is a delight to have her in our family and we so hope she will keep developing the way she does and stay crazy and curious.



In 2015 Hera had her first litter of puppies sired by "Cubo". 
Read more about that here!

In 2018 Hera had her second litter sired by our own "Ifa".
Read more about the litter here!

Photos of Hera