move on up - litter

(RidgeRules Ifa my treasure
ridgerules tell hera you love her)
born 2018-04-09
10 puppies, 4 boys and 6 girls
1 boy and 2 girls ridgeless

RidgeRules Move On Up
Blue boy
Lives in Stockholm, Sweden

RidgeRules I can do it
Brown boy - Nelson
Lives in Linköping, Sweden

Ridgerules Take a trip
Ridgeless - Dante
Lives in Norrköping, Sweden

RidgeRules Keep on wishing
Red boy - vince
Lives in Nacka, Sweden

RidgeRules Shine on
Purple girl - Chika
Lives in Denmark

Remember Your dream
Pink girl - Essie
Lives in Täby, Sweden

Ridgerules Put Your mind to it
Ridgeless girl - Zelda
Lives in Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden

Ridgerules have a little faith
silver ridgeless girl - theia
Lives in Värmdö, Sweden

ridgerules RV next move
orange girl - helia
Lives in Nyköping, sweden

More pics HERE or at the Rex Ventors webbsite HERE.

ever graced by karma
yellow girl - karma
lives in nyköping, sweden