rex ventors taz
ridgerules treasured la belle

13 Puppies born 29th of march!

5 males & 6 females
1 boy & 1 girl with their angelwings on.
1 boy left his ridge behind.

Ridgerules treasured la Belle

rex ventors taz

Born: 2013-06-24
Height: 66 cm
Weight: 37 kg
ED: 0/0
Correct bite and all teeth present.
EOAD: High Confidence not carrier
Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy: Non-carrier
BPH: Yes.
Breeder: RidgeRules/Maria & Robert Lundström
Owners: Robert Lundström & Maria Kierkegaard Lundström

More info about Belle HERE
Read about Belles mother Lolita HERE
Navy was Belles grandfather and lived with us: HERE

Born: 2009-05-30
Height: 69 cm
Weight: 43 kg
ED: 0/0
Correct bite and all teeth present.
Merits: SE UCH

Breeder: Veronica Thorén/Rex Ventors Kennel
Owner: Pernilla Butler

Time for Belle... Our sweet, cuddly, stubborn and golden girl. She moved in herself as a puppy and decided that she was staying. Honestly not the pick of that litter but with so many gorgeous qualities that we could not let her go. Her mother is "Lolita" - Eyes Catcher Out Of Africa - who has produced three litters with even qualites as for conformation and mentality being loving, social with that special RR stubborness.
Also grandpap "Navy" - Rijstone Aussie Rules - lived with us for his whole life and he was a stunning RR with the calmest and most loving ways. 

"Taz" is a gentlemen! A proud RR male with an attitude that he is the center of the world. Not much will make him upset in any way. He was born as one of 10 in the very successful T-litter at Rex Ventors Kennel. Mum is Rex Ventors Iving whom was one of my favourite bitches being a balanced bitch with substance and typical ridgeback details. Dad is Tolasanas Sitanka who has produced offspring with same layout as himself being a long and elegant dog.

A big thank you to "Taz" owner Pernilla for your efforts in making this possible!!!
A 1000 hurrays to Veronica Thorén/Rex Ventor for giving me the idea and beliving in this combination with the knowledge you have from both sides of this pedigree!

We hope for lovely family companions that most of all want to be around and have fun!

0% inbreeding in 5 generations.


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