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Congratulations to owner Peter & Anna Sköld and owner/breeder Canan Dogan for the boys Ultra Aslans You Rock My World & Ultra Aslans Heartbreaker for passing the appitude test in blood tracking!

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To sweet Navy daughter Kisangani Enjenje N´tombi "PEPPA" and owner/breeder Karin Van Klaveren to winning reserv Bundesseiger at the Int. All Breed show in Dortmund 16 october!

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...To Navy daughter Ridgebow Rejea of Navy who won the CAC at Danish RR Club Show in Merlose last weekend! Congratulations to owner Viebeke Paulsen/Kennel Bittenus and breeders Kennel Ridgebow!

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We are super happy for Nikes daughter "Diva" who yesterday became Swedish Tracking Champion!! Super congratulations to owner family Sköld-Wahlberg!!

Diva can now call herself;

SEVCH JWW-11 African Bravehearts Lady Godiva!

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We are so proud!

After this years last show, "Stora Stockholm", it was final that "Nike" and "Eros" placed second at the Top Winning Ridgeback list for males and bitches in Sweden!

For "Eros" it was the second year in a row and he is not 3 years old yet!

"Nike" has placed as second among the bitches in 2008, 2009 and 2010! And this year she managed to squezze in  litter as well :)

Congratulations to Top winning overall; Ridgebows Scilla Of Thanzi, owner Bitte & Sven Stjärnfeldt and handlers Ulrika & Jessica!

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Breed entry +40, judge Boo Lundström.

So happy.... Nike BOB and later on BIG 5, judge Moa Persson.

Thank you Caroline for company and for nice dinner & chat at casa Olofsson, home of Nikes daughter African Bravehearts Goddes Chanel

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I was very bring our little french diva to the test. She is so french in the way she reacts...BIG reactions! But sometimes I should put a sock in my mouth and keep quiet because 14,5 months old Lolita did a very good job! Bold, curious and calm except for leaves falling etc. A would prefer more courage and signs of "anger" but she is still young.

Thank you all for a nice day in the cold!

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Mats & Caroline took a road trip to the south of Frnace to participate in the French T.N.A (Test of Natural Ability) Your dog need to pass this test in order to become French show champion. "Nike" and "Eros" where entered and I stayed at home....waiting.....But they both did very well and passed the test!!!!

Thank you the Graflund´s for taking the time for this long trip!!!

Photos will come!

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Saturday SRRS Specialty Show with judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner Österrike - males & BOB/BOS and Lars Adeheimer, Sverige - females.

Entry: +100


Sunday Int. All breed Show Sofiero with judge Ligita Zake, Lettland

Entry: +80


Two cars, 3 humans and 5 dogs took the trip to the south of Sweden.

Two days of showing and as always a very pleasant weekend with good organisation and good friends!


The results a bit upp and down.


"Lolita" where a bit shy this weekend and managed a 4th in junior class on saturday with the comment that she is a lovely bitch with super movements and very good conformation but the judge did not like her head.

On sunday she placed 2:nd with HP also with a good critique.


"Elmer" was awarded a good critique on saturday with no placement and on sunday also a good critique but only a verry good. Thank you Jennie for showing our livernosed boy!


"Nike" was in a good mood and showed herself very well! Saturday gave a 4th best bitch. Sunday gave the best result possible with BOB with CACIB! We stayed for the group finals and was able to run in that beautiful ring but no placement.


Thank you Jennie & Micke for a lovely weekend and for staying with me & Nike!

Also thank you Bitte, Jessica, Christer, Ulrika for sheering for us in the big ring!


ALL PHOTOS by fam. Strange

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