rubiconred golden buddha


INfo about Buddha

Titles: SE JW19
DOB:2018-04-09 SE31304/2018
Height: 70cm
Weight: 46kg

Bite: All teeths, correct bite
BPH: Yes

JME: clear (tested by edta blood)
DM: clear (tested by edta blood)
Hemophilia B: clear (tested by edta blood)
B-locus: B/B (tested by edta blood)
D-locus: D/D (tested by edta blood)
EOAD: High Confidence CLEAR
Ridge : R/r (tested by edta blood)

Breeder: Robert Lundström & Maria Kierkegaard Lundström - Kennel Ridgerules
Owners: Emelie & Sebastian Pisano



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BPH Info

Link to BPH for Buddha

Info about buddhas sibblings

"Vince is born in our "Move On Up Litter" wher we used two dogs that we bred ourselfes! Very exiting and a bit scary at the same time :)
10 puppies where born, 4+6. 
3 ridgeless.

So far all are healthy and 8 (RR Shine On where exported to Denmark and has been x-rayed free) are x-rayed.

RR Next Move "Helia" and RR Ever Graced By Karma "Karma" resides at Rex Ventors and Evergraces planning to have puppies in the near future.

Info about the litter and the parents HERE.
Info about all the sibblings HERE.


RidgeRules Faith

D.O.B 2020.11.07
9 puppies (4 males + 5 females)
All with ridge.

Stardust Luckystar
litter 2020

D.O.B 29.12.2020
8 puppies (2 females 6 males)
All with ridge & correct so far.


planned litter 2021

More info at Kennel Hidayas webbsite HERE.