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We are so proud!

After this years last show, "Stora Stockholm", it was final that "Nike" and "Eros" placed second at the Top Winning Ridgeback list for males and bitches in Sweden!

For "Eros" it was the second year in a row and he is not 3 years old yet!

"Nike" has placed as second among the bitches in 2008, 2009 and 2010! And this year she managed to squezze in  litter as well :)

Congratulations to Top winning overall; Ridgebows Scilla Of Thanzi, owner Bitte & Sven Stjärnfeldt and handlers Ulrika & Jessica!

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Breed entry +40, judge Boo Lundström.

So happy.... Nike BOB and later on BIG 5, judge Moa Persson.

Thank you Caroline for company and for nice dinner & chat at casa Olofsson, home of Nikes daughter African Bravehearts Goddes Chanel

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I was very bring our little french diva to the test. She is so french in the way she reacts...BIG reactions! But sometimes I should put a sock in my mouth and keep quiet because 14,5 months old Lolita did a very good job! Bold, curious and calm except for leaves falling etc. A would prefer more courage and signs of "anger" but she is still young.

Thank you all for a nice day in the cold!

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Mats & Caroline took a road trip to the south of Frnace to participate in the French T.N.A (Test of Natural Ability) Your dog need to pass this test in order to become French show champion. "Nike" and "Eros" where entered and I stayed at home....waiting.....But they both did very well and passed the test!!!!

Thank you the Graflund´s for taking the time for this long trip!!!

Photos will come!

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Saturday SRRS Specialty Show with judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner Österrike - males & BOB/BOS and Lars Adeheimer, Sverige - females.

Entry: +100


Sunday Int. All breed Show Sofiero with judge Ligita Zake, Lettland

Entry: +80


Two cars, 3 humans and 5 dogs took the trip to the south of Sweden.

Two days of showing and as always a very pleasant weekend with good organisation and good friends!


The results a bit upp and down.


"Lolita" where a bit shy this weekend and managed a 4th in junior class on saturday with the comment that she is a lovely bitch with super movements and very good conformation but the judge did not like her head.

On sunday she placed 2:nd with HP also with a good critique.


"Elmer" was awarded a good critique on saturday with no placement and on sunday also a good critique but only a verry good. Thank you Jennie for showing our livernosed boy!


"Nike" was in a good mood and showed herself very well! Saturday gave a 4th best bitch. Sunday gave the best result possible with BOB with CACIB! We stayed for the group finals and was able to run in that beautiful ring but no placement.


Thank you Jennie & Micke for a lovely weekend and for staying with me & Nike!

Also thank you Bitte, Jessica, Christer, Ulrika for sheering for us in the big ring!


ALL PHOTOS by fam. Strange

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Lolitas x-ray results came back with;

HD A and ED O!

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What a day! I think our corner had a lucky charm or something hidden!!!

Our day started with "Elmer" Rex Ventors Oakley winning open class with CK, continuing to place third in best dog and thus winning his first CAC! Congratulations to mum Emelie!


"Eros" Elangeni Braveheart Rules placed second in champion class with CK but no placement in Best dog! :(


"Lolita" Eyes Catcher Out of Africa was up next and behaved well but a bit chubby I belive. 5th in junior with HP.


"Nike" Ch. African Bravehearts Fourever Yours won champion class, won Best bitch, BOB and later on Best In Group 4! BOS where veteran Tarujen Mabaru! Congratulations Mia to a superfit Maru!!


"Navy" Ch. Rijstone Aussie Rules had 4 off his offspring present so we coul at last compete with a progeny group! We recived honours price an later on BIS 3! Thank you Evergraces Brilliant Balder, Evergraces Brilliant Beyla, Evergraces Brilliant Bonzo with familys for staying!


Also congrats to Evergraces Brilliant Beyla for winning her class and 5th best Bitch! Evergraces Brilliant Bonzo won hunting class with CK!

One of my favourites "Gossip" African Bravehearts Gozip Girl won her class with CK! Also her brother Dino" African Bravehearts Now I´m Da Boz won his class with CK!



Thanks to all for a nice day!!!!

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Two days just outside Oslo at Bjerke Travbana. The two day International show with the most dogs entered in the history of dog shows in Norway. It was crowded!!!


Sat: "Eros" 3rd Best male, CAC thus Norwegian Ch! Eyes Catcher Out of Africa 3rd Best bitch, CAC and Crufts qualification!

Sun: "Eros" 2:nd Best male & Res. CACIB, "Nike" BOS, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian Ch. & Norwegian Winner 2010!

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Sometimes things hang out of a dogs mouth....

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Navys daughter "Peppa" at Kennel Kisangani in Germany gave birth to 7 puppies on july 27th. Congratulations Karin!



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Last monday Nike moved back home! It took a couple of days for her to re-adjust. But now she and Lolita are best friends again :)

Since we have vaccation I put a lot of time in training the dogs with long walks in the woods, exercise in "sand hills" etc Great fun!

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Added the article from Douai last year at Elmers site. For those who understand french...otherwise one can look at the pictures :)

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I had a super day by the lake together with 4 of our RR´s; Akeron, Navy, Elmer & Lolita.

The camera came along aswell with some new photos as a result!



Look at more photos here; Summer 2010 

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We wish all friends, relatives and family a happy Midsummers eve!

Also keep our fingers crossed for those attending World Winners 2010 & The Swedish Specialty Show!

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Late news! Nike had her litter may 28th!

Everything went well and there where 10 puppies, 3 males and 7 bitches. 1 bitch with 3 crowns and 1 bitch with offset ridge. Otherwise no faults found!


They are all doing fine, growing ina steady pase and Nike is a super mom tending to her little ones!


Photo of Miss Green whom entered the world last of her sibblings!

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Saturday may 22nd in Sundsvall, "Eros" SE UCh DK UCh FI UCh NORD UCh Elangeni BraveheartRules won BOS at the National All breed Dog show in Sundsvall. Judge where Sara Nordin, Sweden
Congratulations to BOB and New SE UCh Rindurr RV Ten Year Dream - "Harley" and owner/handler Veronica Thorén.
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Our sweet brownosed boy has had his third birthday!

It was not long ago that he was a tiny baby, but now a meature hunk :)

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Another picture of Brandy and I at the SRRS/Västra Club Show in Tjolöholm.

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I got the opp to show "Brandy", Lolitas halfsister and they are so alike. Not only in body but also in mind. Some photos...

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Our old boy "Akeron" has a spot in the latest issue of The Ridgeback Register. The latest issue is a tribute to golden oldies and for example interview of the breeders that has been active and contributing for a long time!

If you look for a glossy magazine with good articles and loads of pictures of RR´s, this is a magazine for you ;)


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I just could not resist....

Ridgebows Ruby Rosebud Of Navy and her friend!

Photo: Rubys owner Heika

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8 out of 9 of Navys puppies in the "Brilliant-litter" has done their Mentality test.

Last up where "Brandy" Evergraces Brilliant Brandy To J, in the photo from breeder Emma Hedenskog.


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Agria har en bildtävling....och jag har lämnat in en bild som jag tog förra sommaren på min syster och hennes Elmer när de pusas poolside!

Gå in och rösta!! Agrias bildtävling


We are compiting in Agrias photo competition for best photo with a human and its animal!

I have entered a photo I took of my sister Emelie and her Elmer last summer!

If you can understand some swedish or is a bit for us here: Agrias photo competition

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Thord Larsson took this crazy photo of our Navy! And more is coming!!!

Check out the face and the frolic in front!!


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Or actually Emelies present. She and Elmer got a back-pack for Elmer as a christmas present, but it took a while...... From Ruffwear

Now Elmer will carry stuff to and back from work at the MNO Outlet , MNO International


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"Navy" - The master of posing for photos!

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Vi har äntligen hittat vårt ställe.....vilket innebär att vi säljer vårt andra.....ett super mysigt hus i Gnesta, 7 mil söder om Stockholm.

Kika in på annonsen:

 Tussilagovägen 3


We are selling our lovely house ouside Stockholm.

The ad is in swedeish only:  Tussilagovägen 3

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So far..... sweet "Nike" and gentle "Eros" are no 1 at the Top winning/Guldhundslistan list here in Sweden, bitches and dogs. You never no how long it lasts and the competition is tough so I enjoy it while it lasts :)

Congratulations to "Nikes" coowner and breeder Caroline at African Bravehearts Kennel and as well "Eros" coowner and handler!


Photo: "Nike" in Holland jukly 2009



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Thank you Pernilla for this lovely photo of Navys babies from Kennel Evergrace "Brilliant"-litter. One can tell who the father is..... :)

To the left Evergraces Brilliant Beyla and to the right Evergraces Brilliant Bonzo.

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Finally after a looong time I decided tonight to put up our new site....

Thank you Jenny Jurnelius for help and the, in my opinion, gorgeous banner! Please use the banner when putting up a link to us ;)


Also..keep an eye out for The Ridgeback Register and the first number of 2010!


There is still work to do and I will get to that! But I hope you will enjoy looking around!


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"Nike" has been mated to "Eros"!

Puppies expected in the end of may and ready for delivery in july.

For more info and questions about this combination, please contact Nikes breeder & coowner Caroline Graflund     at Kennel African Braveheart!


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Oh so nice with easter brake! It seems like spring is coming with varmer weather and the snow is melting fast!!!

We wish all and everyone a lovely holliday with lots of good food and comapny of friends & family!

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Int. All breed Show in Malmö

Judge Eva Jönsson

Breed entry: +80


This show always gives me mixed feelings. Usually one have to stand in line before enetring the halls, the ringa are usually small and placed badly. Finally it is usually tons of people so you can´t move around at all.

This year there where a line outside but inside the ring where HUGE and not that many people. So it was actually quite pleasent.


I travelled with Caroline and the dogs where "Eros", "Nike" and Nikes halfsister "Gozzip".

Saturday night where spent at Cornelia & Fredriks woundeful, extreamly close to the beach house and we enjoyed some take out food.


Sunday and show day! I feelt a bit slow and not on my toes since we did not know what this judge liked! Also it has been some time since the last show and a lot of stuff going on in my work- & private life.

First up where me and "Nikes" half brother "Dino". A very sweet, tall and typical ganglig youngster with lots of angulation to keep track of. We managed to communicate in a good way and even the judge with her measuring stick where ok. We placed third very pleased with the performance. (Dino and I in photo upper right corner)

Second up where "Eros" and Caroline in champion class. They where placed fourth with no CQ.... I thought he was worth his champion quality but this judeg held on tight to her CQ´s!

After some waiting Nike & I had our turn and the hopes where so low! Nike was not in her best shape and from what the judge had put up earlier that day.... BUT Nike ran with energy and we won the championclass with CQ! Suddenly....Nervous! Moments later best bitch competition and we where placed second! So pleased with that!!!

Huge congratulations to Ridgebow´s Odara of Zazazela and owner Pernilla Hallström who won BOB and BIG 2! Alos congrats to Kennel Ridgebow who won 5 class wins over the day!



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Sorry...only in swedish!


Hittade denna text på Agrias informativa hemsida om osteochondros!

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Sometimes it is good to have quotes from vise thinkers that can put words on your own thoughts! Not dogrelated, but as a note on life! A quote from the philosofer Sören Kierkegaard...

 "To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself."


Ibland är det skönt att ha citat från kloka tänkare som kan sätta ord på ens egna tankar! Inte hundrelaterat utan mer med tanke på livet! Ett citat från filosofen Sören Kierkegaard


”Att våga är att förlora fotfästet en liten stund. Att inte våga är att förlora sig själv


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