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Agria har en bildtävling....och jag har lämnat in en bild som jag tog förra sommaren på min syster och hennes Elmer när de pusas poolside!

Gå in och rösta!! Agrias bildtävling


We are compiting in Agrias photo competition for best photo with a human and its animal!

I have entered a photo I took of my sister Emelie and her Elmer last summer!

If you can understand some swedish or is a bit for us here: Agrias photo competition

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Thord Larsson took this crazy photo of our Navy! And more is coming!!!

Check out the face and the frolic in front!!


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Or actually Emelies present. She and Elmer got a back-pack for Elmer as a christmas present, but it took a while...... From Ruffwear

Now Elmer will carry stuff to and back from work at the MNO Outlet , MNO International


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"Navy" - The master of posing for photos!

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Vi har äntligen hittat vårt ställe.....vilket innebär att vi säljer vårt andra.....ett super mysigt hus i Gnesta, 7 mil söder om Stockholm.

Kika in på annonsen:

 Tussilagovägen 3


We are selling our lovely house ouside Stockholm.

The ad is in swedeish only:  Tussilagovägen 3

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So far..... sweet "Nike" and gentle "Eros" are no 1 at the Top winning/Guldhundslistan list here in Sweden, bitches and dogs. You never no how long it lasts and the competition is tough so I enjoy it while it lasts :)

Congratulations to "Nikes" coowner and breeder Caroline at African Bravehearts Kennel and as well "Eros" coowner and handler!


Photo: "Nike" in Holland jukly 2009



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Thank you Pernilla for this lovely photo of Navys babies from Kennel Evergrace "Brilliant"-litter. One can tell who the father is..... :)

To the left Evergraces Brilliant Beyla and to the right Evergraces Brilliant Bonzo.

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Finally after a looong time I decided tonight to put up our new site....

Thank you Jenny Jurnelius for help and the, in my opinion, gorgeous banner! Please use the banner when putting up a link to us ;)


Also..keep an eye out for The Ridgeback Register and the first number of 2010!


There is still work to do and I will get to that! But I hope you will enjoy looking around!


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"Nike" has been mated to "Eros"!

Puppies expected in the end of may and ready for delivery in july.

For more info and questions about this combination, please contact Nikes breeder & coowner Caroline Graflund     at Kennel African Braveheart!


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Oh so nice with easter brake! It seems like spring is coming with varmer weather and the snow is melting fast!!!

We wish all and everyone a lovely holliday with lots of good food and comapny of friends & family!

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