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Saturday may 22nd in Sundsvall, "Eros" SE UCh DK UCh FI UCh NORD UCh Elangeni BraveheartRules won BOS at the National All breed Dog show in Sundsvall. Judge where Sara Nordin, Sweden
Congratulations to BOB and New SE UCh Rindurr RV Ten Year Dream - "Harley" and owner/handler Veronica Thorén.
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Our sweet brownosed boy has had his third birthday!

It was not long ago that he was a tiny baby, but now a meature hunk :)

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Another picture of Brandy and I at the SRRS/Västra Club Show in Tjolöholm.

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I got the opp to show "Brandy", Lolitas halfsister and they are so alike. Not only in body but also in mind. Some photos...

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Our old boy "Akeron" has a spot in the latest issue of The Ridgeback Register. The latest issue is a tribute to golden oldies and for example interview of the breeders that has been active and contributing for a long time!

If you look for a glossy magazine with good articles and loads of pictures of RR´s, this is a magazine for you ;)


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I just could not resist....

Ridgebows Ruby Rosebud Of Navy and her friend!

Photo: Rubys owner Heika

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8 out of 9 of Navys puppies in the "Brilliant-litter" has done their Mentality test.

Last up where "Brandy" Evergraces Brilliant Brandy To J, in the photo from breeder Emma Hedenskog.


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